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Country   (from "SCHWEIZ-SUISSE-SVIZZERA" to)   Duration via local access for Frs. 20.-  Duration via 0800 access for Frs. 20.- 
Italy     24h00  5h20 
Italy Freephone    0h42  0h40 
Italy Milano    24h00  5h20 
Italy Mobile    3h20  1h20 
Italy Private network    24h00  5h20 
Italy Roma    24h00  5h20 
Italy Shared cost    0h42  0h40 
Italy Torino    24h00  5h20 


Call durations indicated above are based on a single call from a fixed phone to an 0800 or local number taking up the whole of a Frs 20.- card in one call. Calls via a local access number are charged separately by your fixed network or mobile operator. Calls made from a mobile with prepaid card to an 0800 number are billed separately by the mobile operator. Calls from Payphones : + Frs 0.76 per call deducted when PIN number validated. Calls to mobile numbers give you less talk time than to fixed phones. Calls from a mobile phone to an 0800 No : + Frs 0.55 /min. Minutes rounding : 1 min. Set-up charge per answered call: 3 min. (The connection charge is always calculated on the basis of the rate per minute via 0800 , whatever the type of access). Card expires 6 months after first use. Rates might be changed without prior notice.

FLASH recommends the use of private phone booths (restaurants, bars, call shops, shopping centres) to avoid the cabin surcharge due to Swisscom for the use of public booth.


When using the service, the customer gives the right to the operator to use his phone number or email for promotional or information purpose.


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